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Direct Reduction

Direct Reduction is an iron making method by utilizing natural gases to reduce iron ore to produce Direct reduced iron (DRI). In a direct reduction process, the lump iron oxide pellets and ore, are reduced in the presence of syngas. DRI can be immediately changed into hot briquetted iron (HBI) if the cooling stage is omitted. The reduction occurs either by carbon or carbon monoxide that formed from the gasification of carbon. The direct reduce iron also called sponge iron produces in the form from lumps, pellets, and fines to metallic iron. It is an energy efficient process and the main objective of reducing iron is to remove oxygen from the various forms of iron ore. The production of direct reduced iron mainly benefits the steel industries for the manufacturing of steel. Steel made with direct reduced iron needs less fuel. The capital investment for the DRI plant is comparatively lower than integrated plants which is beneficial for counties where high-grade coking coal is limited.

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Process Engineering for DRI Plants.

For DRI facilities, DRITECH has been processing technical work with precision, expertise, and cutting-edge technology. A direct reduced iron manufacturing plant uses a shaft reduction furnace to directly reduce iron ore with reducing gases like carbon monoxide and hydrogen in order to generate DRI with a significant amount of metal iron.

Plant & Equipment Design

We perfected the development of highly secure and cost-effective plant layouts and designs with the aid of our skilled engineers. We promise DRITECH-designed plants will operate at high efficiency. From figuring out the needs of the client to creating the plans and all the way through construction, we guarantee dedicated, professional service.

Revamp of Industrial Plants.

With our process knowledge and cutting-edge tools and technology, we offer service assistance for the restructuring, reconstruction, and maintenance of industrial plants. With great care and attention, examine the dependability of equipment, old and damaged equipment, scale buildup, etc.

Troubleshoot for Repeated Problems.

DRITECH offers revamp and maintenance services for DRI plants. By genuine analysis, our expert engineers find tailor-made instant solutions for the problems in DRI plants. We are experts troubleshoot serious problems. With the grace of industry experience and knowledge, we can rectify repeating problems effortlessly.

Dechoking Bottlenecks

fixing bottlenecks in decoking with brilliance. The procedure of decoking involves clearing the process of coke/scale buildup. Many factors, including old equipment, poorly designed processes, a lack of automation, poor planning, and a machine’s capacity not being able to keep up with demand, can cause bottlenecks.

Wholesale of Engineering Drawing

DRITECH established the brilliance of cost-effective comprehensive engineering drawings with the aid of our professional engineers. We provide wholesale delivery of extremely precise technical drawings. We are one of the most reputable DRI firms in the UAE thanks to years of experience in producing consistent DRI plant engineering drawings and plant designs.

We Are Offering Services To Support Business And Sector Development In Industrial Sectors.

Stack and heat recovery

Reformer Engineering

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  • Presently we are engaged in the engineering of 1.8 MMTPY DRI furnace, and reformer for the Uzbekistan plant.